The Three Stooges

Review Time!!

I have just finished watching The Three Stooges Movie.
I really enjoyed the movie and it definitely gives you lots of laughs..

Storyline is pretty good, and the twist is also not what your expecting at the time either.

They get the similarities to the Original Series of the Tv Show really well and it does make you think back to when you would have watch episodes of it many years/decades ago. Being I wasn’t even born when the TV show was on shows you just how long it has been since it was on TV.

I do recommend the movie to anyone who loves to laugh.

Something I don’t understand is at the end of the film when they are telling you to not do the stunts at home as they are done by professionals etc one of the producers is standing there with his shirt opened and his chest available for all to see.  Why does he do that??

Have you seen the Movie? I would love to hear others thoughts about it.

By mshipe

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