Friday the 13th

What is Friday the 13th?
Wikipedia says ” Friday the 13th is a date considered to be bad luck in western superstition. ”

What do you think? Do you believe that Friday the 13th is Bad Luck?

Over the years I have heard so many superstitions from Don’t walk under a ladder on the day, be careful of Black Cats, You will see Witches flying in the sky and the list goes on.

Now that I am a lot older it makes me sit back and laugh at all the things I once believe in while growing up. Remembering back to the apparent “Witches House” down the road from my Nan’s when I was growing up and being told by older cousin’s when it’s Friday the 13th hits the Witches have a party and take Children.. YEP!! It use to Scare me a lot..

Now being older, I can’t say I believe in Superstitions and I believe that Friday the 13th is like any other day weather it brings Good Luck or Bad Luck..

Would Love to know what you think??

Happy Friday 13th

Ms Hipe xx


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