50 Shades of Grey

After saying for months I wasn’t going to read the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy I decided 2 weeks ago I would give them a go after a friend lent me the first book.

Today after 2 weeks I finally finished Book 1 of the Trilogy and have mixed feelings about the Storyline.

Here are some of my thoughts about different events that take place in the book.

* Ana being a virgin and then so easily letting Mr Grey have his way with her.. Why would you let a guy manipulate you into losing it because they want you to sign a contact that is really full on & she has no idea what most of items on the list are or involve?

* Constantly being threatened that you will be punished for Rolling your Eyes or Biting your Lower Lip..  REALLY!!  If a guy was constantly threatening to hard me weather it is going to be pleasurable or not I really wouldn’t want to be with him. Why would you stick around, especially when in the back of your mind you know what he is wanting to do to you is wrong and makes your feel uncomfortable.

There is so much more I could say about the book and I could really go on and on.

I do however find that the book becomes addictive and I can’t not read it. It is now very clear I need to complete the series even if I don’t think much about it at all.

The end of the book has made me cry and I feel very much for Ana, she has had her heartbroken as she finally has realised that Mr Grey can not give her what she wants.

Who else has read Book 1 of the 50 Shades Series? What is your opinion of the Book and Series in General?


Thanks Ms Hipe


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