Clean & Clear


There are always so many brands to chose from when shopping and looking for something to use on your face, especially when you are wanting to clear up one particular area of your face.

I have gone through so many brands before and always fine the same thing, they only work for so long or it also can take ages for anything to happen or for the product to actually work.

 I do have a bad time when it comes to Blackheads and they seem to be in 4 key places on my face. 😦 I have tried for years using cleansers to get rid of them and nothing seems to work for me, so I have decided to use Clean & Clear Advantage Blackhead Clearing Scrub. It seems to target what I am having issues with and Hopefully will be the solution to clearing it up finally.

I began using it on the 9th July.

My first reaction once I got out of the shower was Oh WOW!! It said on the bottle that there would be fewer blackheads after day 1. GUESS WHAT? They were right, straight away I noticed in a few places that there were less blackheads. They have seemed to stay away too, which is fantastic.

You need to use it on a daily basis, so again Last Night I used it again and my skin is even feeling less oil as well as looking like there are less blackheads.

I am really hoping this continues and it solves my problem, once I solve this problem I will be on to the next one I would like to target which is unwanted acne.

Thanks for reading

MsHipe xx