Idiot Drivers!!!

Think the heading says it all…

It is a subject that has been annoying me more and more over the past 12 months especially as it seems that people are getting worse when it comes to basic road rules and consideration for those driving around them..

Why are there so many Idiot drivers around these days??  I really wish the answer was a simple one, but if that was the case I wouldn’t be asking it.

I am on the road at least 2 1/2 hours each morning and 2 1/2 hours each night always in peak hour traffic, the amount of stupid things driver do while driving in these busy conditions is just crazy. Doesn’t surprise me that the road toll for Melbourne is what it is and the accidents that happen are happening.

As of 26th July 2012 the road toll for Melbourne/Victoria Rural is at 156 death on our roads.. Of those 133 were people in a vehicle or on a bike. I am actually surprised the number isn’t a lot higher with what I see go on everyday..

How hard is it to indicate when you are changing lanes?? Apparently really hard!!!  I see this happening all the time with observant drivers being lucky they are not injured, when they see someone suddenly decide they want to be in there lane and they don’t indicate or even wait to see if there is enough space for there car or Truck to fit they just push there way in..  This really annoys the hell out of me and usually at that instant when it happens to me I use the HORN!!! Yep it can be my best friend when driving in peak hour traffic as that is usually the time of the day people do the stupidest things..

Oh another thing that really gets on my nerves and I am 100% sure it is illegal is people on Motorbikes using the Bicycle lane or decided to go between traffic to get to the front of the line not worrying if they hit your mirror on the way through.. HOW CAN THIS BE ALLOWED?? Why are they allowed to make up there own rules?? And why do they always seem to get away with it??

On the subject of Bikes… What about Bicycles on the road??  I understand they are allowed to be there, hence why they have there own lanes BUT….. being they are a form of transport why do they decide if a set of lights say walk to some pedestrians and they have been riding on the road they can just change there minds and start to go?? What’s with that?? It is a different story if they are riding on the bike tracks and they come to the bike lights.. I wouldn’t have thought it would be legal for them to then ride between people walking across the road.. That could be dangerous..  If they want to be on the roads they should be following the same rules as us…

Now onto TAXI DRIVERS.  Oh they are pushy, rude and think they are as important as ambulances and police etc.. The way some of those drivers drive is just ridiculous.. They constantly lane drop because they are in a hurry to not miss a job or maybe they are late for something else who knows.. I think they can be so inconsiderate at times and really need to have the safe driving laws enforced when they decide to become a taxi driver as I am pretty sure they give the jobs to anyone..

TRUCKS.. You know what I am over seeing them do???   TAILGATE!!!  I hate it happening to me and everyone else in there way..  Trucks especially BIG ones can be so scary.. Today on Nicholson Street in City I saw this Massive Truck sitting on the bum of a little Suzuki swift 2 doors about a 1980’s model.. The top of the car would have come up to the top of the trucks wheel and here the truck was sitting about 15 cm away from the back of it. You could see the driver of the swift felt uncomfortable as he rolled forward a little as he was at the head of the traffic and wanted more room between him and the truck. So what does the truck do???  He moves closer again to the car.. WTF??? I couldn’t believe it.. If I would have had a passenger on my car who could have taken a photo of it or filmed it I would have..  This sort of thing has to stop..  No wonder Trucks are causing so many accidents on our roads. Each day you hear at least 1 accident that involves a truck in Australia, I wonder how many of those involving trucks are actually caused by trucks too??

Why are people driving this way?? They are always in a hurry to get from A to B and seriously give no consideration for those around them.. It is really sad as 80% of the time when an accident happens it is the person doing the right thing that gets hurt or worse killed, then the person who is at fault walks away..

There really needs to be either more police around targeting the right things or more camera’s around our streets especially the main road filming what is going on and actually catching the bad guys instead of the one timers..

My rant has now come to an end..

MsHipe xx