Magic Mike.. My Review

Is it getting Hot in here?? 

Oh No It’s just me getting ready to write my review


on the Super Sexy, Erotic and Very Hot Movie





So I heard mixed things about this movie and have been constantly told it didn’t have a storyline..

Well, If you are not actually listening to the Movie itself then you will miss the Storyline. Most people have only gone to the movie because there are half naked men stripping on the screen. And Yes!! I did enjoy watching that I would never say I didn’t, it was one of the real reason’s I had decided to go see it in the first place.

I really did enjoy the Movie and seeing how the world was in the eyes of Channing Tatum when he was making his way in life before Hollywood.

 Of course being how the movie was, it got me questioning did all this stuff really happen to Channing. Was he what looked like Addicted to Drugs? The Movie tends to suggest that and I guess if it was the case it is a brave thing to want your devoting fans to know about you. I also couldn’t work out what character was HE in the movie.. He obviously was playing Magic Mike.. But was his story that of Magic Mike or was he Adam – The Kid as he often referred to? I am guessing the later, as He was stripping when he was 19 the same age as Alex Pettyfer’s Character Adam is in the Movie.  Did he really live with his Sister and live with her on a couch for months? If that is the case, he has come so far in life and the life he has developed and earned or himself is just amazing..

I would give this movie 4/5 and Recommend it 😀

Thanks MsHipe xx


Katy Perry Part of Me – Movie Review



What can I say!! It is a Brilliant Movie and a Real insight into how she became who she is today.

It has all the good times she had as well as all the bad. She really is an incredible person.. I was so amazed at how she even preformed at her concerts when she was obviously in a lot of pain with her break up of her marriage, she still pulled all her strength together to be able to get out on stage in Brazil.

The way she would each concert have special backstage passes given to some fans was great.. She even had them come out on stage during her Concerts which was just amazing.. You could really see how much they do mean to her..

Watching her in her everyday life shows you she is just a girl and is as normal as you and I, only difference is she gets paid a lot more money and entertains the world. You saw the way she really Loved Russel and also see the point where it was falling apart.. So sad to see it end as when they were together he was so sweet to her and her to him.

My favourite Part of it all was seeing how she struggled to become who she is today and how all she has ever wanted to be was herself.. She didn’t want to be the next Kelly Clarkson or Mariah Carey, she just wanted to be Katy Perry..  She got her wish!!

Love MsHipe xx